GV 25/35/702

Professional wet/dry vacuum cleaners - robust, easy to use, high suction power


Product no: 50000007

This product line is discontinued

The VIPER GV series are wet/dry professional vacuum cleaners. They are easy to use, robust and have optimal suction power.

All VIPER GV models are ready to use. The GV 25 and GV 35 have a modular design with only different tank capacities. You can easily see if the tank is full of water as they are made of transculant material. The GV 702 has a drain hose mounted where you can easily empty the tank without taking off the motor. Easy access to float basket for cleaning and maintenance.

    • Easy to use and service
    • Optimal suction power
    • Large rear wheels and rotating front wheels make it light and easy to manouvre (GV 702)
    • Robust chassis
    • For wet or dry vacuum application
    • Drain hose (GV 702) Cable storage

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