Viper starts to sell in Europe

4/28/2009 0:00

Viper, a brand which exist already from 1982 and has its own factory, will start selling their cleaning equipment portfolio in Europe from April 6th, this is said by Cochel ter Schure, Sales Manager Europe. We are entering the “Low” market segment for cleaning equipment to get a reasonable market position in all segments.  

Viper produce and sells vacuum cleaners, wet-/dry vacuum cleaners, single discs, burnishes, scrubber dryers, carpet extractors and air movers. Up to 80% of the parts for the product portfolio are manufactured in our own VIPER factory in Dongguan (China).  

We have the best quality and price ratio, says Cochel ter Schure. We are offering reliable, “easy to use” and “easy to service” cleaning equipment against a competitive price level. It’s simple, everybody can work with our machines without been trained about all kind of difficult features build on the machine.  

The sales & service strategy is clear, we will sell our products against a dealer network and so we ensure that they are close to the end users.   

The launch plan is divided in three different regions; we will “go live” from April 6th in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg. The other regions will follow during 2009.   

The total Viper portfolio will be available in a brand new outsourced warehouse in Antwerp (Belgium) were we can deliver in whole Europe in a short time. Our dealers have access to our new e-business system.(24/7). A lot of benefits bring this new system for our dealers: not only order entry, status of the order or track & trace is possible but also simple uploading their orders from their own system as a quotation system. We are targeting a “Low” cost set up with a “lean and mean” organization and this will bring our dealers a higher margin on the products.  

If you’d like more information about Viper and its products, contact us.