New line of low cost vacuums from Viper

1/11/2013 0:00

Viper is introducing a brand new line of versatile, cost efficient wet and dry vacuum cleaners.

The new VIPER LSU W&D Series of vacuum cleaners is ideally suited for both dry and wet cleaning and characterized by a simple, reliable and robust design as well as optimum suction power. As a unique design feature, the Viper series is avaliable with either a stainless steel or translucent plastic dust bin for the same version. The washable and water resistent filter remains inside the vacuum cleaner for both dry and wet applications and need not to be replaced.  

LSU range

Furthermore, it has a mounted drain hose that makes it easy to empty the tank without taking off the motor.

For easy and safe handling the Viper series is equipped with large rear wheels and rotating front wheels as well as handy accessories storage.

The wet and dry vacuum cleaners are available in different tank capacities from 35 to 95 liters and with one, two or three motors. This broad range of models makes the series suitable for most cleaning projects and combined with an attractive price, it is an extremely competitive alternative in its segment.

In spite of its competitive price range, the Viper LSU complies with the high standards of design, reliability and functionality that are associated with all Nilfisk-Advance products.