Publishing 2nd Green COP Report

10/28/2010 0:00

Nilfisk-Advance is proud to announce the issue of our 2nd Communication of Progress to the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

The 2nd Communication on Progress report contains data and status on goals and initiatives set forth in Nilfisk-Advance in the four focus areas of UNGC; Human rights, Labour, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

We are very much aware that being a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact, we take on us a task that will lead to changes in the way we conduct our business. However we are certain that this commitment will help us in developing our business in a new and positive direction and will enable us to meet the growing demand from customer and stakeholders for sustainable and more efficient products and processes”, said Jørgen Jensen, President and CEO of Nilfisk-Advance.

Our aim is to provide a fair picture of our achievements, providing factual information and being honest with our successes as well as with our challenges

Great accomplishments
There is a lot to be proud of in the Communication of Progress report. In some areas Nilfisk-Advance has accomplished very fine results. For example included 73% of the new products launched in EMEA/APAC environmental improvements. Also a new Group car policy is being implemented globally which means less CO2 emission from the car fleet.

EcoFlex is a series of patented dispensing systems, making it possible to clean using only water and no detergents in areas with only slightly dirty surfaces.

In areas where there is a need for both water and detergents, the EcoFlex reduces water consumption by 50% and need for detergents by 35%.​

Future priorities
In some areas there is still room for improvement. It will be a priority to sharpen the approach to environmental factors in product development and evaluation. As we state in our COP: “New products shall provide equal or enhanced cleaning efficiency while using less energy, less water and less detergent. We want to take a leading position in this development, and we see this as an opportunity to create new, attractive businesses for us.” 

When it comes to procurement we want to be even better at working together with our top suppliers to ensure that they too adhere to the UNGC Principles.

Learn more about Nilfisk-Advances work with Corporate Social Responsibility and read the complete Communication of Progress here