Simple to use carpet cleaner, CAR275, that offers effective dirt extraction makes it suitable for cleaning in mid-sized areas and heavy-traffic areas

8/19/2013 12:42

Viper CAR275, a professional spray extractor, offers reliability and simple-to-use operation.

With this easy to use carpet cleaner, you can do fast and effective dirt extraction from carpets, rugs etc.  The Viper CAR275 is a professional spray extractor that offers reliability and simple-to-use operation.

With this carpet cleaner you will meet the demanding needs of cleaning mid-sized carpeted areas in offices, schools, airports, restaurants, hotels, malls and other heavy-traffic areas.

  • You can easily empty the tank without taking off the motor
  • It has large rear wheels and rotating front wheels that makes it light and easy to manoeuvrer
  • Big recovery tank meaning larger capacity for dirty water. The user do not have to empty the tank that often
  • Higher pump pressure compared to competitors making sure water is spraying evenly and strongly on the carpet
  • Solution tank and chassis integrated into one part making it much more robust
  • Easy to use and service