Why Viper

Viper is offering standard professional cleaning equipment, which gives our customers the following main features and benefits:

  • Easy-to-use, no training needed, which is cost reducing
  • Robust and reliable products, which give longer lifetime and always ready to use
  • Easy to service gives our customers lower maintenance costs
  • The best “Quality/Price” ratio in its segment

Viper has its own factory in Dongguan (China) with approximately 500 employees. More than 80% of the compoments are made by ourself. We are flexible in producing small quantities, different variants and also customer-made products. 


Viper Europe is distributing their products through dealers and deliveres their products directly from our central warehouse, which is located in Antwerp. Our dealers can order the products through our updated e-business site 24/7. 


Viper is operated by employees who know the market, have experience with cleaning machines that you can trust and that help our customers with the best solution to get business done.