CE-declaration of Conformity

All Viper cleaning machines which will enter the EC are tested and approved against the CE rules by SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH.
The CE-declaration is published in our Quick Start Guide manual, which can be downloaded for each product. 


Furthermore, every machine has a label comprising indication of the serial number and manufacturing year, as well as the CE seal, the weight, the power, the model, the amperes, the voltages and the Hertz.

Explaination of CE-declaration of Conformity
The CE-declaration is required for any apparatus put into service in any EC member state, whether imported into the EC or manufactured in the EC, by the one who actually puts the equipment on the market.  

The declaration should be signed by a responsible person, at the point of entry in the EC.

It states that the apparatus complies to the requirements of the directives as stated on the declaration, following the standards as indicated.

Its primary function is to put the legal responsibility for conformity to the one who should bear it (and resides on European territory) 

An apparatus that has been ce-marked, without any declaration available, makes the manufacturer or importer liable to more severe punishment as when he declares without fulfilling the technical requirements. Therefore, a declaration is absolutely necessary. It does not have to be available immediately, but must be produced within a reasonable time. 

Two versions exist for respectively declaring acc. to Harmonized Standards (10.1) and for use with a Technical Construction File (10.2). 

The declaration does not have to be based on compliance test reports, but may be based on other compliance information. Obviously, testing and generating reports is the most reliable way of generating this information.